Friday, October 18, 2013

MONSTERMANIACS ....Congratulations Doris D.!

In July, art enthusiasts were given the challenge to create a monster themed stamp set. Voters fell in love with her design and voted the set to victory!
 Monstermaniacs, by Doris D., is the second winning stamp set from In With You, our new stamp set design challenge beta program.You CAN ORDER this set Item  No# 13497 Price $14.95

                                      Stampin' Up!
                        will be running ongoing contests
                       and would love your participation!
                                    Join the fun
                              enter the contest :

               Wouldn't a lucky boy or girl enjoy a card
                           made by you with this
                          awesome new stamp set ?
                           You can place your order
                    with me on my 24/7 online Stampin Up!
                      store  by clicking on the link below
                  or you can email me or call me with your
                           Stampin Up! Order today !  

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