Friday, March 13, 2015

Sorry I haven't been posting ......

Due to health problems ( I was hospitalized for 10 weeks beginning in December 2014 ) I haven't been keeping up my blog. I am really sorry about this but promise to start posting once again. My health issues were due to my kidneys failing. The reason for the kidney failure had to do with being given contrast die during a routine CT-Scan .....suddenly I found myself very ill,and on kidney dialysis. According to my doctors, they believed that the kidney function would return, although they didn't know long I would be on dialysis either. My kidney function returned at the end of February, thanks to lots of prayers from so many of you that knew why I was ill. Please take care, and I will be posting new projects, starting sometime ( most likely Saturday or Sunday ) this week-end. Smiles, Jacqueline Dorer-Russell

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  1. Hi Jacqueline! I received your comment this morning on my "Glitter and Bonbons" blog about using your embroidery machine, and I responded with two emails, but I'm not sure you received them as they were sent to " Please let me know if you did indeed receive the emails as I included several links to help you. If not, please email me at and I'll resend them. Good luck with the embroidery! And glad you're feeling better! :)